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How to restructure and modernize without losing the soul of the building? By going to the essential. And the essential lies in the position: the most beautiful view of the region!

Nestled on the slope overlooking the Candigliano River, the 180 ° view of the terraces of La Forestale is unique and fantastic:

  • on the left, in the axis of the Furlo canyon
  • from the front, the wild beauty of Paganuccio
  • on the right the typical hills of the Marche

This bias has influenced the entire architectural project: maximize the terraces, open the view to the maximum on the surrounding mountains by large windows, promote porosity between indoor and outdoor. Immerse yourself in nature, touch the edge of the forest.

Cultural influences have done the rest: inspired by the philosophy of the Bauhaus (a bedside book of the youth of Don Merlino), purity of lines (aahhhh the Barcelona Pavilion of Mies Van der Rohe), minimalism (the famous “Less is More “), Functionalism (no place for the useless beautiful).
A project under the sign also of the Movement of the Hummingbirds of Pierre Rabhi: the “Happy Sobriety”! The aesthetics of simplicity.

And as a northern man, an irrepressible need for brightness: maximize openings, let in light to increase comfort and reduce power consumption.
La Forestale is designed to give its visitors the memory of a different experience, of wonder and sharing the values.