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First floor

Among our 3 thematic rooms, choose the one you like: Mandela and its private south-facing terrace, the large Rabhi room or the scenery with Gandhi. Rabhi and Gandhi can be combined to form a family suite of 4 to 5 people. You can also privatize the whole floor of the B & B with the kitchen for a group holiday (with family or friends) independently.

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Suite Royale

Third floor

You want to spend an unforgettable moment? The Royal Suite awaits you on the top floor with a breathtaking view: in front of your bed, 9 meters of glass front facing the fascinating Mount Paganuccio that changes color at any time of the day, depending on the light and the seasons.

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Ground floor

Do you prefer autonomy? Perfect, the apartment of 65 m2 is for you. Live at your own pace, no time constraint, you are free to come and go as you see fit. You want to cook? Everything is planned!

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La Forestale’s pricing policy:
true and fair prices, for a responsible and sustainable economy.

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In a tourism market that is very (too) used to convenience, the discount has practically become the only weapon for selling.
For large platforms it is obviously much simpler to make a (dummy) discount on a tariff, rather than trying to talk about the “product”, working on an argument, which requires a lot more work and skill !

The result – and especially on the Italian market – is an aberration, a distortion of reality: to raise prices to levels unrelated neither to the product / service offered, nor to the market, so as to be able to apply a level discount that seems attractive enough for the “consumer-tourist”.
It’s an insult to your intelligence, isn’t it ?
Offering a luxury hotel room supposedly priced at € 450 and sell it at € 100, who is enough ingenuous to believe it?
However, this is what the large global hotel sales platforms have accustomed tourists to over the past 20 years.

As you can see, La Forestale is a different kind of project, another world, another way of looking at the economy.
Project inspired by the “Colibris Movement” by Pierre Rabhi, collaborative, participative, which seeks to create a true and balanced relationship between consumer and producer / supplier.

In this context, I made a daring bet: not to comply with the “rigged” rules of the tourism market.
And offer you a TRUE and FAIR PRICE policy.
True for transparency: a structure has fixed and variable costs, loans to be reimbursed that must be borne well if they are to last over time, and the traveler must be aware of this. The traveler must also be aware of the fact that his “gift” makes the local economy work, allows people to work, families to live, a territory to maintain itself and sometimes to develop.
Fair for the traveler: prices that are related to the quality of the service, in relation to the local market and the competitive environment.

It would have been easy for me to raise “price rates” to luxury market levels and offer you a room “worth” € 350 to allow the big global hotel sales platforms to cut the price for you and offer a “great deal” at 150 €.
I decided to put an end to all these deceptions, these deceptions which take travelers for stupids.
You deserve better than that.
The prices of LA FORESTALE rooms and services are fair and true to respect the principles of responsible and sustainable economy.

The prices are set dynamically, that is to say they vary according to the period, duration and demand. This is why it is essential to choose in the booking module the period you want as well as the number of days and the number of people.
As an indication, the official rates in a double room for two people are:
Gandhi room: 119 € / night – breakfasts included
Rabhi room: 129 € / night – breakfasts included
Mandela room: 149 € / night – breakfasts included
Apartment: 159 € / night – without breakfast
Royal Suite: 249 € / night – breakfasts included